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Carbon dioxide CAS NO.124-38-9

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  • Min.Order: 1 Kilogram
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  • Dioxocarbon

Quick Details

  • ProName: Carbon dioxide
  • CasNo: 124-38-9
  • Molecular Formula: CO2
  • Appearance: White Solid
  • Application: Used as pharmaceutical Intermeidate
  • DeliveryTime: Prompt
  • PackAge: In 25KG paper or plastic drums
  • Port: Any China port
  • ProductionCapacity: 100 Kilogram/Day
  • Purity: 98.0%
  • Storage: Stored under room temperature in cool ...
  • Transportation: Shipped as non- dangerous chemicals
  • LimitNum: 1 Kilogram
  • Grade: Pharma Grade
  • N/A: N/A


comply with cp,jp,ep,us grade


carbon dioxide basic information
product name: carbon dioxide
synonyms: dioxocarbon;5% co2 in air baseline calibrant gas;5% co2 in air high level calibrant gas;5% co2 in air midlevel calibrant gas;carbon dioxide messer(r) cangas, 99.995%;aerfixus;after-damp;anhydride carbonique
cas: 124-38-9
mf: co2
mw: 44.01
einecs: 204-696-9
product categories: synthetic reagents;cstable isotopes;alphabetic;c;ca - cg;refrigerants;inorganics;alphabetical listings;cchemical synthesis;compressed and liquefied gasesstable isotopes;gases;stable isotopes;chemical synthesis;compressed and liquefied gases
mol file: 124-38-9.mol
carbon dioxide structure
carbon dioxide chemical properties
melting point  −78.5 °c(lit.)
density  1.977(0℃)
vapor density  1.52 (vs air)
vapor pressure  56.5 atm ( 20 °c)
storage temp.  −70°c
merck  13,1819
stability: stable. incompatible with chemically active metals, such as alkali metals.
cas database reference 124-38-9(cas database reference)
safety information
safety statements  9
ridadr  un 1013 2.2
wgk germany  -
rtecs  ff6400000
hazardclass  2.2
packinggroup  iii
msds information
provider language
sigmaaldrich english
carbon dioxide usage and synthesis
chemical properties colourless odourless gas
definition chebi: a one-carbon compound with formula co2 in which the carbon is attached to each oxygen atom by a double bond. a colourless, odourless gas under normal conditions, it is produced during respiration by all animals, fungi and microorganism that depend directly or indirectly on living or decaying plants for food.
uses in the carbonation of beverages; manufacture of carbonates; in fire prevention and extinction; for inerting flammable materials during manufacture, handling and transfer; as propellant in aerosols; as dry ice for refrigeration; to produce harmless smoke or fumes on stage; as rice fumigant; as antiseptic in bacteriology and in the frozen food industry. supercritical or liquid co2 used in extraction of caffeine and hops aroma; dry cleaning; metal degreasing; cleaning semiconductor chips; paint spraying; polymer modification. environmentally benign alternative to potentially hazardous solvents in organic and polymer chemistry.
general description an odorless, white solid. can cause damaging frostbite. noncombustible and nontoxic. liquefies at -109°f. can asphyxiate by displacement of air. used as a refrigerant.
air & water reactions water soluble. forms carbonic acid, a mild acid in water.
reactivity profile contact of very cold liquid/solid carbon dioxide with water may result in vigorous or violent boiling of the product and extremely rapid vaporization due to the large temperature differences involved. if the water is hot, there is the possibility that a liquid "superheat" explosion may occur. pressures may build to dangerous levels if liquid gas contacts water in a closed container. with water forms weak carbonic acid in nonhazardous reaction. dusts of magnesium, lithium, potassium, sodium, zirconium, titanium, and some magnesium-aluminum alloys, and heated aluminum, chromium, and magnesium when suspended in carbon dioxide are ignitable and explosive. this is especially true in the presence of strong oxidizers, such as peroxides. the presence of carbon dioxide in solutions of aluminum hydride in ether can cause violent decomposition on warming the residue, [j. amer. chem. soc., 1948, 70, 877]. dangers arising from the use of carbon dioxide in the fire prevention and extinguishing systems of confined volumes of air and flammable vapors are examined. the hazard associated with its use centers around the fact that large electrostatic discharges may be created that initiate explosion, [quart. saf. summ., 1973, 44(1740, 10].
health hazard vapors may cause dizziness or asphyxiation without warning. vapors from liquefied gas are initially heavier than air and spread along ground. contact with gas or liquefied gas may cause burns, severe injury and/or frostbite.
fire hazard non-flammable gases. containers may explode when heated. ruptured cylinders may rocket.


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